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This physically -distancing skirt design  could make a comeback.

We are in un-chartered waters now as nations respond variously to locking down  sections of society in response to a second wave of COVID-19. How do we integrate all this into our daily lives?

Humans are resilient and creative beings but following a horror summer here in Australia we need to stay buoyant and positive.  It’s crucial to follow the rules of physical distancing and good hygiene but it’s important we look after our mental health. My interest in humour use has been reawakened. Humour has the capacity to reframe difficult concepts and to reduce stress.

This is especially important to me now as I find myself locked down in Melbourne. I find that taking one day at a time and within that day finding something to smile about.



Don’t touch your face!!!

Gabby Mead

Get rid of this kid!

Get rid of this kid!   Students with violent and unpredictable behaviour in our public education system can tax the resources of the most accomplished

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Gift of the Gab

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