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Learning to Walk

My recent knee replacement has given me a whole new perspective on confronting physical constraints. My knee surgery went well but all those actions and movements that we take for granted caused me to see life from a different perspective. Learning to walk again I was keen to try out the new knee feeling a bit like a 4 year old with a new bike.

One other interesting observation on the journey of recovery was the loss of power and a dependence on others for meals and assistance. I found myself waiting for that tea trolley and had to check my agitation when it was delayed.

I used the experience to gain some small insight into the plight of the elderly in care. With preparations for upcoming training for aged care workers completing the Cert 3 in Individual Support I could refer to this time of hospital admission and rehabilitation as an anecdote to illustrate how vulnerable we are and the power of kindness to allay our fears.

I was well treated by staff at both Lake Macquarie Private Hospital and Hunter Valley Private Hospital.  Those hard working folk made my time of incapacity pleasant with the use of humour and individual attention. Thank you.

Gabby Mead

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Gabby Mead

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