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Lighten up

The use of humour in education has interested me for years. My research on the use of humour to engage students with challenging behaviour validated all my assumptions about humour use.

Including humour in the teaching content can build retention and generate creativity in students. Socially, humour use can build class cohesion and reduce tension. However one of my favourite uses of humour is to distract students from a destructive trajectory.

“Is it One O’clock ?” I’d ask as a student stuck up his middle finger at me. The look of confusion as I refused to take the bait is all you need to know that the power has shifted.

Naplan results

Love it or hate it Naplan testing is one measure of student literacy and numeracy that always seems to make news. It’s pleasing to note

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Gabby Mead

The problems continue.

A recent visit to far western NSW reminded me of the plethora of difficulties facing indigenous families who struggle to meet the nutritional needs of

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Gift of the Gab

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