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Bay Community of Schools

29th April and first day of Term Two saw me presenting at Valentine Public School to Bay Community of Schools. My favourite topic covering communication with difficult students and difficult parents seemed timely. We are regularly hearing stories in the media of teachers having to deal with aggressive parents.
Fine tuning our communication skills and being able to assess when a relationship with a parent is on dangerous ground may be a protective behaviour.
My professional life teaching across NSW includes working in some challenging environments. Teachers are often dealing with parents who have different values and different levels of education. It is in their students’ interest for teachers to build a rapport with parents as a partnership will benefit

Have a great term everyone and work in partnership with families.

Gabby Mead

Northern Territory Training

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Gabby Mead

Remove the Threat

In all my years in public education alongside some remarkable educators  I have encountered some truly terrifying teachers. Not surprising these teachers struggled to manage

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