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Communicate to Engage

Communicating well with colleagues, students and parents is critical to your success. Sometimes teachers struggle to get the tone and message right when communicating to these different audiences.

Gabby Mead’s Communicate To Engage workshop is been specifically tailored to meet the specific needs of the school community to ensure that verbal and non-verbal communication is delivering your message clearly and consistently.

In the six-hour workshop, we will look at why communication fails, examine those areas where your non-verbal and verbal communication could be giving mixed messages and set you on the right footing to communicate effectively with a diverse student population, peers and parents.

You’ll also learn how you can embrace the positive education framework, and use humour effectively in the classroom to deliver important messages to your students.  This workshop delivers critical learning that will engage in the classroom and equip you with the tools to become a more effective teacher.

About your Facilitator

Gabrielle Mead M Ed (Hon); Grad Dip Special Ed; Dip Teach: has been working in New South Wales schools in the Hunter, Central Coast and Riverina for 30 years.  Her unique approach embracing humour in the workplace provides a refreshing and engaging style that is infectious.  Her courses inspire teachers who return to the classroom and see immediate improvement in their own communication and engagement skills.

Gabby Mead

Lighten up

The use of humour in education has interested me for years. My research on the use of humour to engage students with challenging behaviour validated

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