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Episode 1: Stories from the Chalkface

Talking with Teachers
Talking with Teachers
Episode 1: Stories from the Chalkface

I’m so excited to be launching my podcast with stories from educators and parents across Australia. In this first episode, I’ll be chatting to Tracey who is principal of Kurri Kurri High School in the Hunter Valley of NSW.

We will be exploring some of the innovations they have made at the school to increase student engagement and tackle challenging behaviour. Putting the students front and centre in their learning and moving away from the factory-like schooling that is familiar to most of us has had a major impact on the community. Suspensions and expulsions are down, talented students are accelerated and everyone seems to be enjoying the journey.

Below are some of the links to references that come up in our discussion.

Gabby Mead

Do you know who you are teaching?

Recently I was reminded of four excellent reasons to differentiate curriculum and connect with students: Charles Darwin (1809-1882) was believed to be learning disabled. Albert

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