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Remove the Threat

In all my years in public education alongside some remarkable educators  I have encountered some truly terrifying teachers. Not surprising these teachers struggled to manage classroom behaviour.

Threat in the learning environment will trigger a fight or flight response even if the task seems unthreatening to us. For an unsteady reader to be put on the spot and face being shamed in front of peers is every bit as scary as facing a predator. Teachers who understand this and make accommodations for students with learning difficulties often have fewer behaviour problems in their classes.

If you are able to foster positive emotions in your students you are more likely  to get the best outcome. Studies show an increase in positive emotions can build capacity in thinking about problems.

The strong connections between student engagement and feeling are significant. Teachers need to demonstrate empathy to engage students in the learning process and to build productive relationships.

Gabby Mead

Back to school for term 2

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Gabby Mead

Show up for Yourself

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