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What will be the effect of Covid on our behaviour?

The loss of so many important rituals and key moments of connection in our lives is bound to have a long term effect on us. Unable to see and smell my newborn first grand daughter was one such moment of loss for me.

This has meant the introduction of new patterns. Getting through the lockdown in Melbourne I have found myself falling into predictable patterns of behaviour and incorporating activities into a timetable to get me through the long days. Many rituals are common to us all such as the hand washing and the mask wearing. I leave mine on the front door so as not to forget to put it on before leaving the house.

Many rituals such as those around food and celebration can deepen our enjoyment as they immerse you in the experience. Exploring the differences between habits and rituals Michael Norton looks at how these activities can have an impact on our lives and their use in parenting during the crisis.

None of us really knows what the full impact of this strange time will be on society. It’s clear that there is a spectrum: from those experiencing trauma due to domestic violence and at the other end, those who have relished the time with loved ones and have deepened their relationships.




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