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Gabrielle Mead is available for radio and tv interviews and panel discussions.

Gabrielle Mead’s provocative and humorous approach makes controversial and potentially stressful topics easy to explore.  Referencing current research, and focusing on quality conversation. Gabrielle draws on her extensive 36 years of experience in Education to bring expert opinion to the table exploring effective communication and conflict prevention.

Gabrielle brings to the table a mix of hands-on and academic experience, beginning her professional life as a primary school teacher in Sydney.

After completing Postgraduate studies in Special Education she taught students with intellectual disabilities with a focus on Early intervention and parent education. She established a mobile early intervention service on the Far South Coast of New South Wales.

With the Department of Education and Training Gabby taught classes for students with emotional disturbance, worked as a community advocate for Aboriginal students in Juvenile Justice and spent time with the Department of Community Services (DOCS) as a child protection officer.

Back in the Hunter region, Gabrielle taught classes for adolescents with conduct disorders and participated in action research on Enterprise education. She worked with the NSW Premiers Department to devise Community development programs for Youth at risk.

Currently Gabrielle is working with schools, families and communities running training programs for teachers in the area of behaviour management.  She also provides workshops for parents assisting them with the sometimes frustrating task of managing difficult behaviours.

She works with students from K-12 on social skills and bullying problems.

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