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Talking with children

It’s been such a delight to watch my grandchildren develop. I am especially fond of the emergent language  and the sense of play that children can bring to communication. Play is where much of the action takes place and the delight of the 12 month old child is evident when he gives you an object and you say “thank you” and we repeat this many times.

The imagination of the five year old runs wild as we play pretend road workers or SES workers. We need to constantly speak about what is happening in the make believe world. Recently during the excitement of a game he came up with “We are make-suring that everything is OK”.

Language aquisition  is one of the most complex processes that the human brain ever undertakes. Anyone who has ever attempted to learn a new language will agree. The links are strong between play and learning and allowing children to explore and experiment will lay down solid foundations for curiosity and life- long learning.

There could be a time for some be-carfulling when playing around with the verbs…why not?



Gabby Mead

School Readiness

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Gabby Mead

Engaging the Adolescent Brain

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