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The Magpie Whisperer

With Spring around the corner the Magpie is on my mind. My life on the road, over the past five years has conditioned me to a life in sync with the natural world. As I was reflecting on this, I recalled an amusing yet poignant encounter.
I was teaching in a town in West NSW with a large indigenous population and a school with many behaviour problems.One of my young students, let’s call him Ty, was in trouble and sent out of assembly. Keen to calm him down, I used one of my favourite strategies – distraction.
“Those magpies are busy” I said. “I was swooped when I was out on my bike.”
To that, he responded, ” Excuse me”, and went into the middle of the playground, where he proceeded to make fabulous magpie calls.
He came back, patted me on the knee saying ” I’ve had a word with them, I’m king of the birds you know. You should be alright now”.
I have not been swooped since!

Gabby Mead

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