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Family Fun

Christmas and Easter holiday time can be both relaxing and fun and a times to spend with  family. But it’s not all beer and skittles for some. The holiday time means increased time together and where we can usually shelter from too much family contact in our work day routines, the holiday period can be quite confronting.
Some challenges include: parenting tired and over excited pre schoolers, navigating sleep deprivation and demanding toddlers, trying to communicate with sulky teenagers and dealing with the noise of it all going on at once!
No wonder many of us are quite happy to escape into the laptop or some other engrossing form of technology.

As we all settle into another year it’s a good  to reflect on our parenting techniques.

Some useful tips include:

  • Being consistent
  • Both parents having the same rule/boundary
  • Jumping on the positive and giving your child feedback about a job well done
  • Where using time out or ‘stand and think’ its best to keep it to one minute for each year old they are
  • Once a consequences has been implemented don’t nag or go on about it
Gabby Mead

The West

  As I head back towards Newcastle its time to reflect on the time spent in Lightning Ridge, Goodooga and Walgett. The teachers and support

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