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Inclusion please.


To understand  improved outcomes for indigenous students is to embrace and understand inclusion.  A recent trip to Uluru for meetings and consultancy on this topic exposed some poor practices in some mainstream schools in the Northern Territory.  Excluding students because of their expected challenging behaviour  does little to address the crisis in juvenile justice in that state. The behaviour of some students proves to be a barrier so significant that some educators cannot see the child within. All behaviour communicates a need and better outcomes can be achieved with positive practice and inclusion. This requires a change in thinking for many who seek to blame and point the finger at the student and their families. This is not to suggest the path ahead is easy or that we omit to make people responsible for their choices but exclusion is not the answer.

Gabby Mead

Where’s Gabby in 2015?

Working with the staff at Belmont High School as we explore behaviour management in the context of student engagement. 2014 was a fantastic year and

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Gabby Mead

Engaging the Adolescent Brain

Everyone learns better when they are engaged and feeling positive. During  adolescence  the emotional component of learning is doubly important. Adolescents process information through the

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