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Heading Back East


There was some reluctance heading over The Great Dividing Range last week. I’d spent two weeks consulting with teachers, parents and students in Walgett, Lightning Ridge and Goodooga. The dedicated professionals in the schools I visited were interested in gaining some feedback on their practice, as a Deputy Principal put in ” a fresh pair of eyes.”

Schools in remote West NSW need to work as a team with strong leadership at the helm. This, in my recent experience, is what separates good from great. The issues and challenges are numerous with recent Sydney Morning Herald ( Sep 4th) reporting the high crime rates in these towns. It is clear that creative solutions are called for with excellent communication between schools and their communities at the core of any plan.

Gabby Mead

The West

  As I head back towards Newcastle its time to reflect on the time spent in Lightning Ridge, Goodooga and Walgett. The teachers and support

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