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Teachers battle with students

Life is difficult for teachers who are faced with more challenging and violent behaviour from students than ever before.
Juggling curriculum imperatives with time constraints proves challenging in a hostile climate. Trent Dalton exposes these issues in The Weekend Australian July 19-20; Class Warfare.
many of the teachers interviewed expressed a sense of hopelessness which was exacerbated by a lack of support  from their supervisors.
I have been working with students who display these challenging behaviours and have found that in cases where violence towards a teacher escalates there is a need for sensitive teamwork and superior communication skills. Many difficult students have a heightened sense of their rights and entitlements but pay scant regard for the rights of others. In order to support the learning of all students schools could benefit by  paying attention to their communication style and to formulating learning plans that involve the family of the student. If we all work together change is more likely to be sustainable.

Gabby Mead

Northern Territory

  Last month I had the privilege of running some training for indigenous workers in aged care and disability services across the Northern Territory.This extraordinary

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