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Build Resilience in Children

bike fall

In order to build resilience in children we need to let them feel some pain.
In a recent article Longer leashes, stronger kids (smh 7.6.14)explores  the notion that overprotecting our kids is affecting their mental health.

As a child in the 50s and 60s my siblings and I  were allowed to explore and play outdoors all day coming off our bikes, resolving our own  disputes and looking after ourselves.

Many parents these days are afraid to let their children feel discomfort so when they turn up at school it can all be a bit confronting
In my work with parents I have encountered parents who cook three different meals rather than anyone eat something they dislike; parents who will drive all over to get the desired computer game or video for their child and parents who won’t allow their children to ride bikes or climb trees.
“You can’t be brave if you’ve only ever had wonderful things happen to you”
Mary Tyler Moore

Gabby Mead

Engaging the Adolescent Brain

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Gabby Mead

Show up for Yourself

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