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End of year report card- Are things getting worse?

NSW Principals are under pressure to explain increasing suspension rates.

13,000 suspensions in 2013. 7,000 for violence alone.  School management is facing considerable challenges in the current educational climate. Every School Every Student  has spelt a decrease in the number of itinerant support teachers, consultants and funding for  students with complex additional. Teachers remain in the spotlight to find long lasting and realistic solutions.

Gabrielle’s work in 2013 in targeting Hunter Central Coast schools: Belmont High School; Rutherford Technology High & Metford Primary School and the Far West Region school of Brewarrina Central School  has provided schools with workable solutions such as:

  • Sustainable management programs for students with challenging behaviour
  • Curriculum diversification
  • Increase in student engagement
  • Collaborative  strategies for parents

Join the growing number of schools who are changing the dialogue and changing their end of year report.

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Gabby Mead

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