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School Readiness

Every year around this time I am invited to speak to parents about school readiness. Currently children can start school when they are four and a half which is when they should really still be in the sandpit and playing with their dolls and trucks.
Parents need to be aware of the school readiness indicators so as to give their child the best possible beginning to their school life. It’s an excellent idea to take them for their four year old check up to make sure all is good with vision and hearing.

Communication skills are essential for school and many children suffer as they do not have the maturity to perform some of the following language skills:

  • Participate in  a conversation without shouting or whispering
  • Keep eye contact when speaking to someone
  • Ask and answer simple questions
  • Can retell a story

The school day is spent in various formations such as : sitting and listening , walking as part of a group and sitting at a table sharing equipment with other children. Tiny kindergarten children who really ought still have their hands in play doh have enormous difficulty coping with these higher order tasks. The ability to supress impulses and to keep an even temper are linked to social emotional maturation so to give your child the best start take a look at some of the school readiness checklists available online such as and make an informed choice for the long term good rather than a choice based on free child care.


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